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keeping it vaguely imaginary

wildly and sweetly in love
22 June 1976
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I like to like stuff.

This journal is often slash-centric. If that's going to bother you, you're probably going to bother me. Some content may not be suitable for minors. This journal may contain traces of nuts.
action figures, afl, angel, arthur pendragon, ash, aussie soap slash, batgirl, batman, ben lee, big dogs, bowling, bowling shoes, boyzvoice, bradley james, brandon routh, brendan cowell, brokeback mountain, btvs, bubble bobble, buffy, captain hero, cassandra cain, cereal, charlie hyde, chris hemsworth, clark kent, clark/lex, claw machines, clex, clitney, colin morgan, collecting junk, comic books, conner kent, coreys, daniel jones, darren hayes, darren jolly, david tennant, dax shepard, dc comics, dean winchester, dean/impala, digby, double sars, drawn together, emily perry, fanfiction, father kieron hobbs, firefly, flight of the conchords, graphic novels, grease 2, happy meals, harold/lou, henry from accounting, hero/xandir, heroes, hips, home and away, house, house of trouser, ian somerhalder, jake hendriks, james sutton, jason smith, je suis loser, jensen ackles, jimmy olsen, john paul mcqueen, john paul/kieron, joss whedon, justice league, kal-el, kid flash, kim hyde, kim/robbie, kim/zoe, king giles, kon-el, krypto, kyle xy, kyle/declan, lex luthor, lois lane, lynda day, madge wilkins, mcpriest, merlin, merlin/arthur, michael chabon, michael rosenbaum, michaela mcqueen, missy higgins, mr darcy, my little ponies, nightwing, pets, pie, playing the claw, press gang, psych, pushing daisies, queer as folk, red dwarf, robbie hunter, robbie/kim, robin, ross and terri, ross noble, sam winchester, savage garden, shelby the notsosuperdog, skill testers, slash, smallville, south park, sparing splits, spike, steiff bears, subtext, superboy, superboy/batgirl, superboy/robin, superheroes, superman, superman returns, superman/batman, supernatural, sydney swans, sylar, teen titans, the flash, the sims, tim drake, tim/conner, tom welling, toys, triple j, ugly betty, underbelly, veronica mars, vintage bears, wilfred, xandir, y: the last man, young justice, zachary quinto, zoe mccallister