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merlin - the diamond of the day part two

It is done at last! Hey, at least you didn't have to wait as long as Merlin has waited for... Yeah. Too soon?

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this is not the recap you were looking for

(Checking in real quick because I need a few hours sleep before Doctor Who - you Brits have a hectic TV schedule to keep up with at this time of the year. All we ever get is repeats.)

Brief finale thoughts:

It is no secret that I watched this show for the love story and, in the end, at its very core, that's what it was. It was the story of Merlin and Arthur and it was beautiful. There is no bitterness here, no regret. I wouldn't have given up these past five years for anything.

I'm sure the episode had issues and I might find them when I start recapping properly but for now? That was everything I could have wanted and it hurt in the very best way.

I went down with this ship. I'm in love and always will be.


merlin - diamond of the day, part one


s05e12 spoilersCollapse )

And, okay, given that it is Christmas day and I will have presents to unwrap, food to feast upon, family to argue with and a beloved german shepherd to spoil absolutely rotten, I am not making any promises about finishing the recap on the same day. I will, however, try very hard to stream the episode live (provided my parents’ internet at home plays nice) and tweet along as usual. So if you wanna track me down over on twitter, I’m @sirkumference. You can totally nag me to finish stuff there – I’m on twitter way more than LJ these days. I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible and maybe even work on the missing episodes during the time I have off work between Christmas and New Year. It will be a welcome relief to retreat to the solitude of an air-conditioned bedroom after than much time with my family, trust me. :D See you then!

merlin - the drawing of the dark

Tomorrow night, I am determined to log in to LJ and play comment catch-up. But until then, here, have a recap.

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merlin - the kindness of strangers

Hey, I'm posting this one on the same day I watched it. Just.

s05e10 spoilersCollapse )

(Now I can go back to playing Glitch one last time before it closes forever. I'm gonna miss that game so very much.)

merlin - with all my heart

Greetings from the middle of a heatwave! I am quickly posting this before my ever faithful laptop fries, and then I have to see if I can find room to sleep inside the fridge tonight.

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excuses, excuses

RL obligations are annoying. And so was this week's episode. Not a good combination.

I still have about 10 minutes of the ep to recap and will get it finished tomorrow night after work. I will try to tell myself that there is no Dexter or The Walking Dead until it's finished, which should be ample incentive.

Now, sleeeeeeeep.

P.S. I do still intend to do the missing episodes to complete the set. Maybe not until after Christmas, though, because I kind of set aside time every Sunday to work on each new ep.

P.P.S. Recapping a double episode is GOING TO KILL ME. I can't wait.


merlin - the hollow queen

I've just realised how few episodes we have left! Despite anything ranty you may read in this and all subsequent recaps, I'm really gonna miss this show. Expect me to be sobbing and clinging to its ankles at the end.

spoilers for s05e08Collapse )

merlin - a lesson in vengeance

I know this show is ALWAYS going to have its problems, that's a given, but I'm back to not actively hating it so yay.

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merlin - the dark tower

Still working on last week's, but I WILL get it finished. Let's just skip ahead in the meantime, shall we?

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merlin - camelot
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