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pre-emptive delay excuses

Hello! It may take a little longer to get this week's recap out (again). Not because I have anything better to do today, but because this episode and I have had some...issues, and it has taken a LOT of sugar to even get to the point where I can even hit play and watch it again. Later, at a more acceptable time, there will be wine on hand to assist me. We WILL get through this eventually. Unless I die of diabetes and/or liver failure before then.

In the meantime, check out the adorableness I got my niece for Christmas:



cuuuuute and also a bit of buyer's remorse at the endCollapse )

quick update

There is a slight delay with this week's Merlin recap. It's mostly all written and I just have to quickly finish it off tomorrow, I promise.

My only excuse is that I was house-sitting for the parents this week and, having just had a brand new kitchen installed, there were lots of distracting toys to play with. The end result being equally distracting cake. But, I mean, how often do you get a chance to pop an oven's cake cherry? Also it was a rainy day and the dog spent most of it staring and me and sighing loudly whenever I sat at the computer.

In Merlin-related news, I was embarrassingly giddy about Sir Percival retweeting me this weekend. He might be my favourite now. Don't tell Leon.


merlin - the death song of uther pendragon

Spoilers - this isn't a musical episode.

spoilers for s05e03Collapse )

merlin - arthur's bane part two

Others may catch my eye, sometimes I may stray for a bit in the off-season, but this is still my favourite show. They're going to have to do a lot to get rid of me.

spoilers for s05e02Collapse )

merlin - arthur's bane part one

Holy crap, I haven't logged in since last year! That is a very long time indeed. But Merlin is back and therefore, so am I. Will endeavour to post an excuse or two in the future but for now, recap time.

spoilers for s05e01Collapse )

merry christmas!

If your card has arrived at its destination, you will have seen this already but for those who haven't:

Merry Christmas! (Sorry that a tiny bit of the joy in this vid has been harshed by today's ep. *sigh*)

Hope you all enjoy/are enjoying the holidays and find something special under the tree (if that is how you celebrate things.) I have alcohol and chocolate, so should cope with the WTF ending of that finale just fine. *g*

merlin - the sword in the stone part one

They really crammed a lot into this rapid-paced episode so this is (again) longer.

so4e12 spoilersCollapse )

P.S. As the finale airs on Christmas morning, my time, and I don't think family and friends (and dog, who has been promised a proper spoiling this Christmas considering his first one was spent starved and locked up by his previous owner) are going to let me get away with locking myself in a room with my computer all day, there is going to be an even bigger delay on the recap. But I have the entire week after that off work, so should find time for it (and the missing ep) at some point.

nom nom nom

While I wait for the ep so I can watch it without the stream cutting in and out every 10 damn seconds this time, here's some delicous flavour to keep our strength up:

Read more...Collapse )

Yes, I made chocolates with tiny knights on them. Shut up.

ETA: I think my belt is one hole shy of perfection now.


so I had a merlin dream last night

Posting here to remember it (and it was too long for twitter *g*)

Why can't these dreams involve knights and nudity, huh?

Anyway, the gang must have been in Ealdor for the finale and Arthur was all angsty as per usual so Hunith had taken him aside for a motherly chat about betrayal and forgiveness. I don't even know what was said but Arthur was thinking Gwen, Hunith was preparing him for Merlin, and it was lovely. There were sunbeams and dust motes, yo. She hugged him. He lingered.

If it doesn't actually happen on screen, I shall be so devastated now. (But if they give us knights and nudity instead, then maybe I could find it in myself to forgive them.)



merlin - camelot
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